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Christine Chiu Net Worth: Bio, Career, Wiki, & Net Worth

Christine Chiu Net Worth

Christine Alexandra Chiu is a producer, philanthropist, collector of haute couture, and cofounder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, with her husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu. Christine Chiu has a net worth of 80 million. This is her joint net worth along with her husband and as an heiress from Taiwan.


Christine Chiu in Empire Bling

Bling Empire—the new reality TV obsession for many around the globe—has wasted no time in getting some serious attention. The hit series made it to Netflix‘s Top 10 most-watched shows in countries including the US, Singapore, and Hong Kong soon after it aired. Christine Chiu is the wife to a prominent plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu and they have a baby boy.


Who is Christine Chiu?

Christine Chiu is a producer, philanthropist, collector of haute couture, and cofounder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, with her husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu. She is 38 years old and would turn 39 in 2021. Her husband, Gabriel Chiu, is 15 years older. Chiu typically attends at least 30 fashion shows a year and tries to buy something from each (haute couture can cost over $100,000).


Christine Chiu was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States for college, attending Pepperdine University. After graduating with a degree in International Business, she began working in Public Relations.



Fun Facts: Pandemic and Christine Chiu


You might be surprised that in one of her interviews, she said that her shopping methods did not change at all during the pandemic. However, her perception of what it means to live lavishly and to responsibly consume luxury has changed. Moreover, she said she has found herself with a great incentive to spend on those brands who kept their moral stance high during the pandemic. For example, Chiu paid close attention when Burberry used its trench coat factories to make hospital gowns, and when Valentino and Balmain donated millions to the COVID-19 relief effort.


  • In 2020, she hosted an outdoor birthday party for her two-year-old son, attended by a Maroon 5 band member; an anniversary dinner in which she flew out an East Coast chef to cook out of an Airstream; and a bake-along with friends held over Zoom.


  • Upon asked during an interview that does she own any pet. To which she said that they own any pets but on Instagram, she uploaded a picture of llamas. To which she said that they were part of a rescue program and they find them in one of their friend’s house and her son was naturally drawn to them.


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Why the Bling Empire Show?

Chiu is a producer on the show and told Insider that she wanted to show the journey of herself and her husband — with whom she founded Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery in 2006 — in balancing western expectations with eastern values and traditions.


Christine Chiu’s Net Worth: $80 million

The net worth of  Christine Chiu goes up to $80 million and this is her joint net worth along with her husband.






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