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Gary Drayton Net Worth (2022): Age, Life, and Career as the Oak Island Star.

Gary Drayton Net Worth @gary.drayton
Gary Drayton Net Worth @gary.drayton

Gary Drayton Net Worth: Gary Drayton is an English treasure hunter and television personality best known for his appearance on the show “The Curse of Oak Land.” Gary Drayton’s net worth is expected to be $2.5 million as of 2022.

Gary Drayton is a well-known treasure hunter and metal detectorist. He rose to prominence after appearing on the History Channel’s most successful treasure hunting program, “The Curse of Oak Island,” where Rick and Marty Lagina are the primary treasure-hunting team leaders.


Full NameGary Drayton
Date of BirthMay 30, 1961
Born PlaceGrimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Source of WealthTreasure hunter & Television star
Net Worth$2.5 million
WifeJennifer Drayton
Age59 Years Old


Early Life

Gary was born in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England, on May 30, 1961. Sir John Franklin School was his alma mater. Gary was a daring young man from a young age. He grew up hunting for something unusual, such as marbles, clay pipes, old bottles, or doll heads. He discovered coins while digging, which prompted him to begin metal detecting practices.

Gary Drayton has become a well-known treasure hunter and metal detectorist. He rose to prominence after appearing on the History Channel’s most successful treasure hunting program, “The Curse of Oak Island,” where Rick and Marty Lagina are the primary treasure-hunting team leaders. Gary Drayton was born in Lincolnshire, England in 1961. He studied at and graduated from the prestigious University of England. He’s been fascinated by the idea of treasure hunting since he was a child. Gary was always found bottle searching when he was a kid in Grimsby. His fascination with old objects hidden under the earth and in the water drove him to turn his childhood interests into a full-time job.


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Gary Drayton Personal Life

In terms of his personal life, Gary is a married man, but we don’t know anything about his wife. We do know that he has two children, Katya and Anya.


Gary Drayton Net Worth and Career

In 1989, Drayton relocated to the United States. During his early days, he would take his metal detector to beaches and find valuable objects such as gemmed rings, watches, war pieces, and precious old rusty items.

Gary is well-known for his appearance in the television series “The Curse of Oak Land.” He also appeared on the Travel Channel’s reality show “Expedition Unknown.” According to Gary, he focuses on areas that are difficult for others to access. He employs both a metal detector and optical scanners to ensure that he is still in the right position at the right time.

A 300-year-old Emerald Treasure Ring worth about $500,000, a 1715 Spanish ring made of Inca gold and set with 9 emeralds, a 22K gold coin ring with 40 diamonds, a yard of 14K gold, and a Roman perfume bottle dating from the Roman Occupation are among the expensive objects Gary has discovered.

Gary has published two books in addition to this. His first book, “A Guide to Searching Heavily Hunted Beaches,” describes how to use a metal detector to find treasure. He also explains how to look for coins and jewels on the heavily hunted beach. His second book, “How to Find Old Coins and Artifacts,” explains how to find old coins and artifacts on the beach and in the sea, as well as metal detecting techniques.


Gary Drayton’s Net Worth Contributed by Social Media Presence

Gary has a sizable social media following. Crossbonesnation, his YouTube channel, features vlogs of his everyday life activities at various work sites, as well as metal detecting tutorials. His Instagram account includes accounts of his numerous discoveries as well as some behind-the-scenes footage from his professional endeavors. Gary also allows fans to submit requests or talk with him via a Cameo account. Every request costs $99, and each chat session costs $2.99.


Gary Drayton Net Worth

As of January 2022, Gary Drayton’s net worth is projected to be around $2.5 million. He made the majority of his money as a certified metal detectorist. According to our figures, he has discovered at least $1 million in valuable objects.

Gary still makes a lot of money from his appearances on the tv show “The Curse of Oak Land.” In addition, the selling of his books has significantly increased his personal income.



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