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KidBehindACamera Net Worth: How Rich is the Youtuber & Vlogger?

KidBehindACamera Net Worth
KidBehindACamera Net Worth

KidBehindACamera Net Worth: Michael Green, often known as Pickleboy, is the cinematographer and creator of the renowned YouTube series The Angry Grandpa Show. He is Angry Grandpa’s and Tin’s kid. Charles, Jennifer, and Kim are his other siblings. He has his own channel called KidBehindACamera, which is essentially his vlogging channel, as well as other miscellaneous material he publishes. He began shooting in 2007, however his initial channel was canceled due to a breach of the rules of service. He returned with the now-popular TheAngryGrandpaShow, which led to his current channel.  As of 2021, KidBehindACamera and Michael Green has a projected net worth of $2 million.

KidBehindACamera is one of YouTube’s most popular producers, with over 2.5 million subscribers. The channel debuted in 2011.

As of 2021, KidBehindACamera and Michael Green has a projected net worth of $2 million.

YouTube ChannelKidBehindACamera
Full Name:Michael Green
Age:34 years old
Birth Date:2 June 1987
Birth Place:South Carolina
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Bridgette Nicole West
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Yes (Mia Green)
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Is Michael Green Gay?:No
Net Worth in 2021:$2 million

KidBehindACamera Early Life

Michael Brian Green was born on June 2, 1987, in the United States. Green has three siblings who go by the names Kim, Jennifer, and Charles. Michael and his family grew raised in poverty.

Charles Marvin Green Jr., often known as Angry Grandpa, is one of the stars of “The Angry Grandpa Show.” On Christmas Day 2007, he made his internet debut.

Michael purchased a new home for his father in 2015. “My son purchased a home for me.” “I don’t know how to express how much I adore him,” Charles remarked. “I adore you, son.” “Every kid wants to buy their father a house,” Michael remarked.

Angry Grandpa died on December 10, 2017, as a result of liver cirrhosis.

KidBehindACamera Net Worth & Career

Michael Brian Green also known online as KidBehindACamera, Lyricoldrap, and Pickleboy, is a YouTube celebrity, vlogger, and prankster from the United States. He is the founder of TheAngryGrandpaShow, which debuted on YouTube in 2010 and has been running for almost seven years. He’s also Angry Grandpa’s fourth and youngest kid. He also performs music under the moniker Lyricold.

Green  began his profession when he was twenty years old, in 2007. During Christmas, he began by recording his father, known as Angry Grandpa.

The films were made more amusing and interesting by Angry Grandpa’s freak-outs and shouting. Michael then posted the recordings to his YouTube account, AngryGrandpaShow. Many people subscribed to the YouTube channel.

TheAngryGrandpaShow began in 2007, when Micahel created the channel for the first time. He started pulling pranks on his father, but he was quickly given the same pranks by his own father. This piqued the public’s interest, but the channel was suspended by YouTube for violating the Terms of Service.

However, after discovering the popularity of his videos, he switched to another media site, He picked up where he left off and quickly regained his YouTube notoriety. Michael and Charles returned to YouTube with a new channel three years after the original suspension, but the material remained the same. Angry Grandpa was shouting at YouTube and its administrators in the first video for banning them the first time they tried to use the platform. The video quickly went viral, and viewers’ comments just showed their sympathy for the practical jokers. The two proceeded to prank each other with similar recordings, with Grandpa shouting the nastiest curses at Michael, his siblings, and even items about the house.

Unfortunately, Angry Grandpa died in 2017, but Michael has preserved his memory by releasing films on the channel, the most recent in early July 2020, and starring Angry Grandpa as he cooks his own taco pizza. The channel’s user base grows when Michael uploads previously unseen footage shot while his father was still alive.

As the popularity of AngryGrandpaShow grew, Michael decided to create his own channel, where he would upload more personal content. His first video was about his thoughts on the Casey Marie Anthony case and the jury’s decision that she was not guilty of her baby’s murder.

He began uploading more regularly, garnering more subscribers to his channel, and even began producing behind-the-scenes films for his Angry Grandpa pranks. This increased his celebrity, but he shifted his attention to personal films in which he told the tale of how he met his girlfriend and now wife, Bridgette. Pickle Boy, which he acquired while making videos for his channel, is now simply one of many nicknames. The tale goes that he tossed pickles at his father, who began shouting back at him, ‘Pickleboy, Pickleboy.’

As of 2021, KidBehindACamera and Michael Green has a projected net worth of $2 million from all of his income as a YouTube Vlogger.

KidBehindACamera Personal Life

Bridgette Nicole West, Michael’s girlfriend, may be seen in their films living in their own home. They also have a baby girl named Mia Nicole Green. They have a son named Michael Robert Charles Green as well. They also revealed on December 20, 2020, five days before Christmas, that Bridgette is pregnant again, and they did a number of pregnancy tests to see whether it was true. On March 14, 2021, the gender of their next child was confirmed to be a boy.

KidBehindACamera Net Worth

One of the most famous videos, “Angry Grandpa Destroys PS$,” has received over 34 million views. Michael’s father, Charles Green, called “Grandpa,” died on December 20, 2017. The Grandpa’s most popular videos are “The Angry Grandpa Responds to YouTube,” “The Angry Grandpa- Word Association,” “The Angry Grandpa- Digs in the Trash,” and “Angry Grandpa- Neti Pot Fail.”

Michael also has a secondary channel called “KidBehindACamera,” which debuted in 2011. It has over 2.1 million subscribers and over 1 billion views since 2011. “The Condom Challenge Fail!” “The Caramel Onion Prank,” “Big Boy Upset Over WWE Royal Rumble 2014,” and “Grandpa Smokes Catnip Prank” are some of his most popular videos on his channel.

As of 2021, KidBehindACamera and Michael Green has a projected net worth of $2 million from YouTube.




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