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LazarBeam Net Worth: How Wealthy is the Australian YouTuber?

LazerBeam Net Worth
LazerBeam Net Worth

LazarBeam net worth: LazarBeam is a YouTube celebrity from Australia. He is well recognized for having over 20 million YouTube subscribers. As of 2021, LazarBeam has a projected net worth of $10 million.

Full NameLannan Eacott
Nick NameLazarBeam
Birth Date 14th December 1995
Birth PlaceSouth Wales, Australia
ProfessionYoutuber and Game Streamer
Age27 years
Net Worth$10 million

LazarBeam Early Life

Lannan Eacott is LazarBeam’s true name. LazarBeam was born in December 1994 in Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia. LazarBeam also works as a professional gamer.  Lannan has always had a fascination with digital playgrounds and video games. He’s quite discreet about his parents’ information, although he’s just left them and moved to Sydney with his sister Tanner. Tanner also has over 900,000 subscribers on YouTube. He also has two brothers. He dropped out of high school in the middle and started working hard for his profession. Lannan went through pilot school before embarking on his digital platform profession, but he failed the licensing trial.

In 2014, he began producing slow motion demolition movies, and in 2015, he launched his YouTube account.

LazarBeam Net Worth & Career

In 2018, he began recording Fortnite Battle Royale videos, and his channel quickly increased. With two billion views, LazarBeam was the seventh most watched item on YouTube in 2019. He has almost 6 billion cumulative views.

On his YouTube account LazarBeam, he used to publish movies on games such as Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto 5, Madden NHL 16, NBA 2K16, The Sims 4, Cause 3, Fallout 4, and the Poly Bridge.

Beginning in January 2015, he immediately gained popularity with his crazy and inventive Madden NFL 16 challenge videos. It only took him three and a half years to achieve five million subscribers on his channel. Aside from challenge videos, he also publishes videos, vlogs, queries, and other content. His videos almost always include his family and his pet dog, ‘Willeh.’

For a short period, he had another YouTube account called ‘Crush Slash,’ where he posted footage of himself smashing construction equipment. He is a fan of Rooster Teeth Productions and has visited their set in the United States. His followers are known as Bloody Legends.

His channel is Australia’s second most subscribed to and third most watched. LazarBeam was nominated for a Short Award for best in Gaming in 2020. In 2015, he executive produced the film Lazer Team. Tannar, his sister, has over a million YouTube subscribers.

Fortnite Tributes LazarBeam

The LazarBeam skin was added to the game as a tribute to the player. With this recent announcement, he joins the ranks of worldwide sensations such as Ninja and Lachlan Power, both of whom have had their own in-game skins. The LazarBeam skin suit also includes a hard helmet and toolbox, a nod to his previous work before becoming a professional video maker. In between taking down foes, that character will occasionally nibble on a meat pie.

The prominent gamer rushed to Twitter to share his delight at receiving a complete skin in the game. In his tweet, he claimed that having a tradie in Fortnite was “really an honor” and “very humorous.” “Rather than doing anything over the top with my skin, I wanted to honor my roots,” he explained.” “Never imagined a scuffed kid like me would achieve something like this,” he continued, “but I’m quite happy for people to run about as Lazarbeam in-game.”” This even has skyrocketed LazarBeams fame and increased his overall net worth.

Is LazarBeam Single?

No, LazarBeam dates his current pal Ilsa Watkins.

Is LazarBeam Dating?

Yes, LazarBeam dates his current pal Ilsa Watkins, an instagram star.

Who’s LazarBeam Girlfriend?

LazarBeam dates his current pal Ilsa Watkins, who is one of Instagram’s most famous faces. The beautiful hunk Lannan fits wonderfully with beauty queen Ilsa; their followers hail this connection throughout social media.

LazarBeam Net Worth

Despite his famous status, he has also amassed a substantial financial fortune. His major money source is his YouTube channel, which generates over a million dollars each year, as well as his commercial revenue, which he works on on a regular basis.  As of 2021, LazarBeam has a projected net worth of $10 million.





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