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Linus Tech Tips Net Worth: How Rich is Linus The YouTuber?

Linus Sebastian Net Worth
Linus Sebastian Net Worth

Linus Tech Tips Net Worth: Linus Tech Tips is a Canadian YouTube channel focused on technology that is operated by Linus Sebastian. This channel is mostly concerned with computers, gadget reviews, and PC unboxing. Among Sebastian’s four tech guides, Linus Tech Tips is the most grossing and most viewed YouTube channel. As of 2021, Linus Sebastian has a net worth of $40 million from his famous YouTube Channel: Linus Tech Tips.

Birth NameLinus Gabriel Sebastian
Nick NameLinus Tech Tips
Date of Birth20 August 1986
Birth PlaceCanada
Height6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight76 kg
SpouseYvonne Ho
Childrenthree ( a son and two daughters)
ProfessionYouTuber, Entreprenuer
Net Worth$40 million

Linus Sebastian Early Life

Linus Sebastian, the YouTuber, was born in Ladner, British Columbia on August 20, 1986. He has three brothers and sisters. He attended Garibaldi Secondary School and the University of British Columbia. He is very interested in the realm of technology, which has enabled him to pursue his ambitions and achieve success.


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Linus Sebastian Net Worth & Life Before Linus Tech Tips

Sebastian was a product manager at NCIX, a now-defunct Canadian online computer retailer. The firm invited him to host its technology channel, which was developed to assist showcase items. Sebastian was helped by an unnamed cameraperson and editor, and worked with little resources, filming videos with a camera borrowed from the president’s son. His first video was a heatsink demonstration for a Sunbeam CPU.

Due to high production costs and limited viewership in the early days of the channel, Sebastian was directed to develop the Linus Tech Tips channel as a cheaper branch of the NCIX channel, allowing for lower production qualities without compromising the NCIX brand. TigerDirect and Newegg were mentioned as rivals. On November 24, 2008, Linus Tech Tips was born.

Sebastian did not work full-time on video development at NCIX. He worked as a full-time sales representative, high-end systems designer, product manager, and category manager for the firm.  Following a disagreement about business inventories, he finally departed NCIX, striking an arrangement in which he could maintain the channel as long as he signed a non-compete provision.

Linus Sebastian Net Worth & Career with Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips is a YouTube channel dedicated to technology, particularly computers, PC unpacking, and gadget reviews. Linus Sebastian runs the channel as part of Linus Media Group, and it is one of his three active channels. The others are Techquickie and Channel Super Fun, both of which are quite popular. In the majority of the videos, he serves as the principal host. Linus has amassed an estimated net worth of over $40 million through his ownership of Linus Media Group over the years.

Linus Tech Tips is one of the most popular tech YouTube channels, where they go in-depth on various gadgets through reviews, tweaks, testing, and so on.

Linus Sebastian is the founder of the well-known YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips The channel, which was founded in November 2008, now has over 20 million subscribers and over 5 billion views.

Linus’ channel examines various items on the market and also provides his members with any technical fixes they may require. The channel covers topics such as nuclear fusion reactors, computer processors, laptop computers, and other technological devices.

The channel has grown in popularity over the years, and in 2014 it was designated the “top 1% of Google’s favourite advertising channel.” This was in the technology category on YouTube. Because to its popularity, the channel has been declared the most-watched technical channel on YouTube as of October 2020.

On any given day, the channel receives over 2.5 million hits. It produces over $10,000 each day, amounting to millions of dollars per year. Estimates of yearly revenue of more than four million dollars may be an underestimate. The firm has made more money by selling technical items online with videos. Direct advertising advertisements are broadcast at the end of films to assist raise those yearly earning numbers.

As mentioned, Linus has multiple earning sources. He mainly makes most of his fortune from his service production agency — Linus Media Group.

However, Linus Sebastian’s earning sources and overall source of net worth and income can be summarized by below points:

  • Google YouTube AdSense
  • Sponsored Projects from Companies
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Merchandise(s)
  • Endorsements from Companies

Is Linus Sebastian Married?

Linus is married to Yvonne Ho, whom he married on May 20, 2011. They have two girls and a boy. Marques Brownlee, TotalBiscuit, and Austin Evans were some of his favorite YouTube personalities who influenced him.

Linus Sebastian Net Worth

As of 2021, Linus Sebastian has a net worth of $40 million from his famous YouTube Channel: Linus Tech Tips.





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