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Mark Anastasio Net Worth 2021: 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Mark Anastasio Net Worth

Mark Anastasio is a popular American social media star. He became popular for posting lip-sync and dance videos on his TikTok page. As of 2020, Mark Anastasio net worth is estimated to be $750,000.

Below are five interesting things you should know about him.

1. He enjoys support from both his parents

Mark was born on May 27th 2004 in Bridgeport CT. He has had a successful childhood being raised by both his parents alongside his sister named Nicole. Based on his age the youngster is still in high school although he has not disclosed the name of his school yet. In August 2019 he created a video titled “The last video before school- make me famous”. He has made several videos on TikTok with his sister Nicole.

2. He is popular on TikTok

Mark started uploading videos on his TikTok account and is said to have deleted videos he had uploaded before his August 2019 video-Last video before school- make me famous. He has uploaded several other videos after that. He has also collaborated with some of his friends including Charlie D’Amelio, Maximo Ravino, and Luca Lombardo. His account has had a huge following of more than 8.4 million followers. His videos have been liked more than 329.7 million times.

3. He has a YouTube Channel

Mark initially created his YouTube channel in 2016 but did not post any videos until recently when he launched it in January 2020 by uploading his first-ever video titled-Day in the life of a TikTok star. He has so far posted seven videos on the channel. It has received over 146k subscribers and keeps growing by the day. He also has an Instagram where he uploads photos of himself with his family and friends. He has amassed a huge following of more than 1.9million followers on his Instagram page.

4. Mark is a Soccer Player

Mark loves sports and he plays soccer. He is a team member of Beachside Soccer Club based in Norwalk in Connecticut. He plays football in his free time together with his other team members who are also TikTok Stars. They Include Maximo Ravino and Luca Lombardo

5. Mark Anastasio has an estimated Net Worth of $750,000

Within a short time of being in his career, Mark has amassed a huge net worth. His income is mainly from his social media career. He receives good money from posting on TikTok with each post earning him between $3,300 and $5,500. He also receives an average of $3,500 per post on Instagram.



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