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Ray Narvaez Jr Net Worth: How Rich is the Achievement Hunter?

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Ray Narvaez Jr. Net Worth: Ray Narvaez Jr. is a former contributor and a Lifetime Achievement Hunter member. He’s still active on social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube. His gaming channel on YouTube has nearly 500,000 subscribers. As of 2021, Ray Narvaez Jr’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million


Twitter:@Ray Narvaez Jr
Name:Ray Narvaez Jr
Age:31 years old
Birth Date:15 September 1989
Birth Place:Manhattan, New York US
Height:1.75 m
Weight:75 kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Single
Profession:voice actor, former Achievement Hunter,
Net Worth:$1 million

Ray Narvaez Jr Early Life

Ray was born in New York on September 15, 1989. He is of Puerto Rican descent. In 2012, Narvaez Jr. relocated to Austin, Texas, and began working full-time for Rooster Teeth. He creates videos that serve as achievement guides. Ray previously worked for GameStop. BrownMan is the persona he created for Achievement Hunter.

He began playing video games when he was two years old and had to start wearing glasses when he was five. Ray was uninterested in studying. He dropped out of Queens College after one year and began working because his parents were upset with him for dropping out and wanted him to earn his own money. He started out as a bartender in New York before becoming a UPS delivery truck driver. Ray stated that this was the worst job he had ever had because he despised delivering packages during the cold winter months.

Following that, he worked for the GameStop Corporation in New York. He claims he had a good boss and thus stayed for two and a half years. Ray decided to resign as soon as his boss left and a new one arrived, imposing unfair working hours on him.


Ray Narvaez Jr Net Worth & Career

He moved to Texas after quitting his job and began working at Rooster Teeth in the Achievement Hunter division (which now has over five million subscribers) on April 6, 2012 – Rooster Teeth is a YouTube channel, and his responsibility was to make achievement guide videos, and later “Let’s Play” videos. He completed the most difficult tasks because none of his friends could. He also began appearing in two of their shows, “On the Spot” and “X-Ray and Vav,” both of which were filmed in 2014. In X-Ray, he had his own animated superhero counterpart to whom he lent his voice. During his time at Rooster Teeth, he also hosted an award-winning podcast called “Internet Box.” He still lives in Texas, but he no longer works for Rooster Teeth after quitting on April 17, 2015 – he is focusing on his YouTube career and has become a full-time Twitch streamer. He is, however, still voicing his character in “X-Ray and Vav.”

Ray was one of the most talented gamers who worked for Rooster Teeth. He set some high scores that were never broken after he set them, and he achieved a Gamerscore of one million. He has one of the top 100 Xbox Gamerscores in the world. Jeremy Dooley took his place after he left Rooster. On his Twitch channel, you can watch him play games like “Enter the Gungeon,” “Grand Theft Auto IV,” and “Pokemon Red/Blue.” His all-time favorite game is “Tetris DS.”

Ray Narvaez Jr Net Worth

Ray Narvaez Jr. is a prosperous man from all of his income through entertainment. Ray made this money through his work at National Parcel Service and Rooster Teeth. He is also a former host of the Achievement Hunter, a Google-sponsored company. Ray Narvaez Jr. and his girlfriend Tina are currently successful Twitch streamers and YouTube content creators. As of 2021, Ray Narvaez Jr’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million




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