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Zach King Net Worth: How Rich is Zach King, Really?



Zach King Net Worth

Zach King’s Net Worth

Zach King is a famous YouTube & Vine star. The Vine app gave him a door to catapult his digital fame. In 2008, he started posting his videos on YouTube and became a YouTube star. After that, in 2013, he moved and focused on content making via the Vine app. Zach King’s net worth is $3 million.


Early Life

Zachary King, known as Zach King, was born in Portland, Oregon, on February 4, 1990. His height is 6′ while his weight is about 59 kg. He has got mixed features with half Chinese from the paternal side, one quarter from Nicaraguan, and the other half quarter Austrian from her maternal side.

  • King made his first video when he was only 7. He was always fond of magic and filming videos that showed he is some kind of magician. He recorded that video while using a video camera at his home.
  • When he turned 14, he bought video equipment, an Apple computer, digital cameras, and a tripod stand. He got his degree in cinema and arts in December 2012 from Biola University.

While Zach was completing his degree, he worked on his videos for YouTube and Vine as well. He kept recording them and provided content surrounding magic tricks on them. After completing his degree, he started working on his magic videos professionally and scaled his business over the internet.

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Zach King’s Career & Net Worth:

Zach started his career with magic tricks by posting those videos on YouTube that helped him to get noticed by people all over the world. In 2010, he won Hewlett-Packard’s commercial contest. This contest allowed him to get a ticket to the London Film Festival.

Later in 2013, Zach won YouTube NextUp creator content award. After that, Zach, along with his wife, participated in an American reality show: The Amazing Race. Unfortunately, they got eliminated from the 28th reality season of Amazing Race. But it also helped him to gain a little more success and followers.

In 2008, Zach started his own website. He started teaching tips on how to use the software Final Cut Pro because when he started working on his videos, he was unable to find tutorials on this topic. So he started teaching people who also wanted to do the same work, and these videos helped millions of people.



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Interesting Facts about Zach King:

Here are few interesting facts about Zach King:

  • Zach participated in an episode of the showdown called Viral Video as a contestant in 2012.
  • The previous year, the king posted a video which was called as Jedi Kittens on YouTube that got the attention of an audience.
  • The sequel and third part of Jedi, Kittens, got millions of views.
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Zach King’s Net Worth: $3 Million

Zach King, who started working on his magic videos when he was only 7 years old, now has a net worth of $3 million . He has millions of followers on his YouTube channel, and is known as the FinalCutKing. He is a YouTube star magician without a doubt, and a special one at that. Zach King’s fame within the niche of digital magic content built his net worth to be $3 million.


[Images via Zach King/Instagram]

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